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Plumbing Supplies

We offer a huge range of products from our warehouse space. We often deal directly with manufacturers which means we can provide you with high quality products and an unrivalled after care service.

Yorkshire copper tube and Jamestown Mills lead.

Yorkshire copper tube and Jamestown Mills lead

PSP pressurised cylinder.

PSP pressurised cylinder

Poly pipe and ground drainage systems.

Poly pipe drainage systems

MacAlpine waste and traps systems.

MacAlpine waste and traps systems

Macfit flexible and rigid WC connectors.

Macfit flexible and rigid WC connectors

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Bathroom products by Roca, Cifial, Malmo, Matki, Fibo, Trojan Cast & MHS.

What our customers say…

“We recently had a couple of new bathrooms from John Barber. Everyone who’s seen them thought they were really good - bright, clean, modern and very well fitted. John was a great help in sorting out the right products and finishes for the floor and walls, especially the Fibo board which we hadn’t seen before. It was a pleasure working with him. Delivery was right on time, and everything was great quality at the right price. Would we recommend him? Yes, no question!” Mike, Glossop